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Output 1– Research

Research to collect good practices, methodologies, and success digital animation techniques to support Distance Learning of adolescents (desk analysis + interviews to key observers, i.e. 3 good practices for each participating country), comparative analysis of the effectiveness of innovative Distance Learning tools applied to laboratory training.

Output 2– Training for trainers blended course

Design and implementation of a blended training for trainers path aimed a developing and reinforcing their digital skills

The activities envisaged for I.O2 are:

  • Design of the course

  • Development of learning tools

  • Implementation of LSM platform

  • Analysis of the professional profiles for the development of the VR

  • Development of the virtual didactic environment

  • Transnational training of the virtual didactic environment

  • Delivery of 4 blended courses

  • Validation

Output 3– Testing 

Integration Plan of the new technologies applied in the didactic

Starting  from the results of the testing of the digital didactic modalities within the VET path (ENAIP and VIKK) a plan will be drown containing methodological, feasibility and sustainability indications, along with the integration strategy of what has been tested within the organisations.

The activities envisaged are:

  • Testing with the learners,

  • Creation and development of a peer to peer community

  • Evaluation and validation of the testing

  • Elaboration of the plan

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